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The Asian Handicap betting market is a special form of gambling and a bit different than the conventional handicap. This type of bet impresses above all with its diverse tactical application options and the increased chances of winning compared to normal result wagers. On top of that, Asian Handicap bets offer the additional outcome, even in the case of a wrong tip, so punters can get the entire bet or parts of it back. Asian handicap betting is very multifaceted, you can choose from a multitude of options – so we would like to show you in the following exactly what this type of bet is about, what possibilities are available to you and how you can use them strategically!

Asian Handicap explained

The Asian handicap bets – also known by the abbreviation AHC – are very special and multifaceted handicap bets. Handicap bets are more popular in football (soccer our US readers) but it’s becoming more and more popular also in ice hockey – NHL, even in eSports. Actually wherever a draw is a possible outcome, this betting market can be found. Not on basketball, tennis, American Football – NFL or handball though…

Also, live asian handicap and asian handicap under/over is particularly popular as much as with live bets, especially in the halftime / full time betting format. Here, the bookmaker reacts to half-time or intermediate results and constantly adjusts the odds. If, for example, the favorite falls behind unexpectedly early, a handicap bet is particularly attractive in many ways.

Top bookmakers list for your Asian Handicap predictions

There are thousands of bookmakers to choose from and place your wager, but here we ranked the top online bookies according to their free bet offers and gambling options. Remember to read through terms and conditions of each offer before accepting it! Check out the Betandslots rankings and the best free bets in the table below:

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What is Asian Handicap betting?

So, what is this handicap betting option? The principle is basically the same: by giving the underdog an advantage or the favorite a disadvantage, the sporting imbalance should be balanced out and consequently lead to balanced and therefore attractive Asian Handicap odds. Ideally, these should be around 2.00.

It makes sense to give the outsider a bonus in the form of a goal lead – that is, a certain number of goals is added to the actual result. Or vice versa: The favorite gets a certain number of goals deducted. So there will be fictitious lead and lag assumed, so-called plus and minus goals. This is why the following rule of thumb applies to the spelling of Handicap bets for the large number of bookmakers:

Favorite | Marking ( – )Outsider | Marking ( + )

Free handicap betting tips

Difference between Asian and Normal handicap

The major difference to the normal handicap bet is that with Asian handicaps you can choose from full handicaps as well as half, quarter or three-quarter goal handicaps. This results in almost countless possibilities and strategies that you can pursue with AHC and which we want to present to you below. As the name suggests, this type of gambling is extremely popular in Asia and is particularly well established there. But AHC are also on the rise in Europe and America – more and more betting providers are recognizing the potential of this betting type.

There are two main reasons for this: On the one hand, AHC mainly involves Football bets which clearly lead the field of sports betting in Europe. On the other hand, Asian handicap offers besides the many sections of another huge advantage for sports: Increased chances of winning and the possibility the entire stake or parts of them recover. How is that possible? With this special form, the option of a tie does not apply – the stake is simply returned here.

So it’s no wonder that even professional sports bettors who are concerned about safety like to use this fact to their own advantage and are increasingly turning to AHC bets. A 3-way bet becomes a 2-way one and the asian handicap odds increase from 33% to 50%. In this betting type, only the two teams competing against each other are available for selection.

What is Whole Asian Handicap?

Whole AHC is the closest to the conventional handicap bet. Your advantage: In addition to the two outcomes of the game,

win the bet orlose the bet, there is also the option thatyou get your entire stake back.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works:

Handicap 0

This variant, which is also called Draw No Bet , is mainly used when two evenly balanced teams face each other with approximately the same odds. The highlight of the matter: There is no possibility of a tie. If the game ends in a draw, the stake is returned. The risk factor is therefore minimized considerably to your advantage. You now only have two options instead of three. The result is that you have a 50:50 chance of doubling your stake! The supposedly even game of Stoke City against Leicester City would be ideal here, as the risk of a draw is very high.

Tip: on Stoke | AHC 0 | Quota 1.85Tip: on Leicester | AHC 0 | Quota 2.05

Handicap 1

Asian Handicap 1 works very similar to conventional handicap betting, in which one of the teams starts the game with a 1-0 lead. With the difference that there is the possibility of getting your stake back. The game between Bournemouth and Chelsea is our example. Now you have two options – either you can place an AHC -1 or AHC +1 bet:

Tip: on Chelsea | AHC -1 | Odds 2.10Tip: on Bournemouth | AHC +1 | Odds 1.80

Let’s say you wager 10 euros on Chelsea with an AHC -1: The Londoners are subtracted from the real end result. If Chelsea wins by more than one goal, the bet is won and you can pocket 21 euros. If Chelsea wins with only one goal difference, the fictitious betting result is a draw and you get your 10 euros back. In contrast, you also have the option to complete an AHC +1 on the outsider Bournemouth.

How now here the conditions look: With a victory of Bournemouth or draw you win and can count on a profit of 18 euros. If your team loses one goal behind, at least the stake will be refunded to you. In this case, the AHC bet will only be lost if Bournemouth lose by two or more goals difference. Of course, you also have the option of completing an AHC +1 on Chelsea or AHC -1 on Bournemouth. The odds for this are logically very low. These variants are therefore not very stimulating or useful.

Half Handicap

Half AHC are also based on the principle of a conventional handicap bet. The decisive factor with this variant is that there is no possibility of winning back the stake. Due to the half goals that are added or counted, it is simply impossible to get a fictitious draw as the outcome of the game. The result: With Half Asian Handicaps there are only two outcomes – either the sports bet is lost or it is won. It’s a 50-50 situation.

Handicap 0.5

The most obvious betting strategy at Half AHC is of course to give the favorites a penalty of 0.5 goal (= -0.5) or the underdog with a bonus of 0.5 goal (= +0.5). This makes an outsider tip a lot more attractive. As a concrete example we want to use the match between Everton and Watford for this variant.

Tip: on Everton | AHC -0.5 | Odds 1.95Tip: on Watford | AHC +0.5 | Odds 1.95

Everton is the favorite in the game and receives a handicap of -0.5. Watford, on the other hand, is half a goal ahead as an outsider. Let’s say you bet 10 euros on Everton. The bet is only won if Everton actually wins the game. If there is a tie, the bet is lost. Conversely with a tip on Watford: Even with a draw, the underdog is considered the winner due to the additional half goal and you get a profit of 19.50 euros. If Watford wins the game, you win anyway. The bet is only lost if Everton live up to their role as favorites.

Handicap 1.5

AHC +/- 1.5 betting follows the same principle as the +/- 0.5 ones. The only difference: If you decide to bet on a favorite AHC -1.5, this must win by at least two goals for your sports bet to be successful. On the other hand, if you bet on the outsider with an AHC +1.5, a defeat with only one goal is enough to win the bet. Because the real result of 2-1 would ultimately be converted into a 2-2.5 with this format. After all, AHC +/- 2.5, +/- 3.5 etc. also work according to the same format.

Quarter Handicaps 0.25 or 0.75

In Quarter AHC is strictly speaking a double bet. Because with this variant, your stake is divided between two AHC bets. Depending on the quarter chosen (e.g. 0.25 or 0.75), it is the two neighboring Asian handicaps that are actually bet on. This fact results in numerous scenarios of the profit composition, which we want to break down in more detail below. This betting principle may seem confusing or complicated at first – but it is not at all. 

Handicap 0.25 (0, 0.5)

As already mentioned, two different bets are actually made with the Asian Handicap Bet 0.25. Your stake will be split equally between the 0 and 0.5 handicap. For you, this means first and foremost an enormous reduction in risk. The best way to explain how it works is with a specific example. Bayern Munich is considered, according to bookmakers, in the away match at Dortmund as a slight favorite. The best betting strategy is now, either Dortmund with a slight advantage or Bayern with a small disadvantage. Therefore, you choose an AHC 0.25 in order to get relatively balanced odds.

Tip: on Bayern | AHC -0.25 | Odds 1.90Tip: on Dortmund | AHC +0.25 | Odds 2.10

Let’s assume you bet 20 euros on the supposed outsider Dortmund – the stake is then divided up to 10 euros each on the bets AHC 0 and AHC +0.5 . If Dortmund wins the game, both tips are clearly successful and you can count on a profit of 42 euros (= 22 euros net proceeds). If the match ends in a draw, you win the bet AHC +0.5 and also receive the stake of the bet AHC 0 back. The profit would then be 31 euros, which is 11 euros net profit. If Bayern wins all stake is lost.

Now we assume the opposite case, in which you place an AHC -0.25 on Bayern. If the favorite wins, you would be sure of 38 euros because you both win sports bets. In the event of a tie, you lose the Handicap bet -0.5, but at least get your stake back from the AHC 0. You have 10 out of 20 euros. If Dortmund wins, you lose both bets and get nothing.

Handicap 0.75 (0.5, 1)

Asian Handicap +/- 0.75, is a hybrid from the two variants +/- 0.5 and +/- 1. It is very similar to the AHC +/- 0.25 . Your bet will be split between these two bets. For example, Southampton is the clear favorite against Burnley, but thanks to the AHC 0.75 we can get attractive and balanced odds in the range of around 2.00 (+100 moneyline, 1/1 fraction odds). Again, as in the previous examples, you take 20 euros on hand, which is then divided between the two AHC bets 0.5 and 1.

Tip: on Southampton | AHC -0.75 | Quote 1.80Tip: on Burnley | AHC +0.75 | Quota 2.10

The chances of roughly doubling your stake are around 50 percent. Let’s assume you choose the variant described above and bet 20 euros on Southampton. If Southampton now manages to win by at least two goals, you win both the tip AHC -0.5 and the tip AHC -1. In this case, your profit would amount to 36 euros.

If Southampton manages only a narrow win by one goal, then you only win the AHC -0.5. For the second bet AHC -1 you get the stake back. So you get out with 18 euros, which means a net profit of 8 euros. In the event of a tie or a win of Burnley you lose the entire bet.

How does it look now if you decide on an AHC bet +0.75 on the outsider Burnley? A Burnley win, but also a draw, means you ‘ll net a clear profit of 42 euros. If Burnley is defeated by just one goal you will get 10 euros back. If there is a clear defeat for Burnley you lose your whole stake.

Quarter Handicap bets +/- 1.25, +/- 1.75 etc. work in the same way as this description.

Why are handicap bets so popular?

The growing popularity of this type of bet does not come from anywhere. The main reason for the uncanny popularity on the markets is of course the already mentioned lower risk compared to conventional handicap or result bets. While a result bet that works on the 1X2 principle is a 3-way bet, with the AHC we are dealing with a 2-way bet, with which the chances of winning are consequently 50%.

Another advantage that is related to this: The unpopular and sometimes even hated draw in sports betting is eliminated here- they are simply not provided for in this special form.

The bet is on the victory of one of the two opposing teams. In the event of a draw, there is the option of getting either the entire or half of the bet back. In addition, Asian Handicaps offer a variety of different betting options.

This multitude of facets and this immense selection is due to the fact that with AHC bets, in contrast to conventional handicap bets, not only full handicaps but also halves and quarters can be placed. That means maximum flexibility for all tactical foxes among you. You can use the right betting strategy optimally. In the case of quarter handicaps, the advantage for the sports bettor is that the stake is split into two actually independent bets, thereby increasing the chances of keeping the stake even if the forecast is incorrect.

Watch out!

Beginners in particular should think twice about whether they want to use this somewhat more demanding and complex form of betting right from the start. A certain amount of experience with sports betting is definitely required in order to be able to assess whether the offers of the respective bookmakers are good or less good betting odds.

Why is that? Because even with the option of getting your stake back in the event of a draw – this type of bet naturally does not offer complete security! In order to find a successful mix of chances of winning, risk and attractive betting odds, it is worthwhile to first study and compare the respective betting offers. So: Before a gain overview and then matching choose the optimal variant for your preferred strategy in order to actually use concrete AHC bets to your advantage.

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